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These were Quakers and you will intimate nearest and dearest along with their leader, William Penn

The latest forgotten line of Hugh Lowndes' descendants is situated in Virginia, and soon after inside Lowndes, a rich and you can aristocratic Quaker guy, whom age in order to Virginia off Pennsylvania, wither, depending on the household members lifestyle, he'd "come over that have William Penn, but most likely on care of his dad, Hugh Lowndes, which, along with his four brothers (it had been the newest widow out of Hugh Lowndes along with his four sons), came more than of England and you can settled during the Pennsylvania. " New number continues: "They don't really appear to have remained Quakers longer immediately after making Pennsylvania, even if William Lowndes try considered was basically a rich old Quaker guy, having far property in Richmond, Virtual assistant. The fresh new lifestyle on the nearest and dearest would be the fact he had been eventually realize out of meeting of the Quakers on account of their unorthodox opinions.

Just after leaving Pennsylvania, William Lowndes is considered getting removed the new page "d" regarding his identity as being superfluous and you can away from empathy having Quaker ease. Their descendant, this new late Charles D. Lowndes, out of Baltimore, and his awesome brothers had the letter restored with the term because of the act out-of the guy Legislature years ago, therefore the newspaper announcement of one's fact would be nonetheless understand.

Joseph H.D. Lowndes of Henrico county, Va., man away from William Lowndes, Quaker, hitched Miss Arabella Sinton, of Ireland. Their man are the fresh late Chas. D. Lowndes regarding Baltimore, who had been produced inside the Henrico condition, Virginia, offered gallantly from the Confederate army significantly less than Standard J.Age.B. Stuart, and you will then transferred to Baltimore, Md., where he involved with the latest baking and you can brokerage team effectively right up toward lifetime of his demise, some time ago, the organization are Brownish & Lowndes, and soon after, Lowndes & Redwood. He ble, dble, out-of Virginia, Florida, and later out-of Baltimore. Dr. Gamble's girlfriend try Edwarda Shaw, from St. Augustine, Florida, who was simply descended throughout the Bartons, out of England and you can Ireland.

Mrs. Charles D. Lowndes everyday lives in the Elkridge, Howard County, Md., along with her children are Messrs. Cary Play Lowndes, Charles Henry Grattan Lowndes, Robert Glynn Lowndes, Edward Brecknridge promo kód bbwcupid Lowndes, and Skip Elise Gamble Lowndes and you will Skip Letitia Edwarda Lowndes.

Other descendants for the Lowndes department tend to be a sis of your own later Charles D. Lowndes, Miss Ida Lownes, regarding Petersburg, Va., just who however clings on Quaker spelling of title; and additionally Skip Florence S. Peple, out of Richmond, Va., a relative regarding Mr. Charles B. Lowndes; Mr. William Lowndes Peple, Mrs. Virginia Radcliffe Allen, regarding Galveston, Texas, that is today 91 yrs . old; Mrs. Charles W. Linthicum, from Baltimore, who was simply previously Skip Lowndes; Mr. William Chapman Lowndes; Miss Isabel Steele Lowndes, Mrs. Albert S.J. Owens, Miss C. (??) Lowndes, Jr., Mr. Andrew Jackson Lowndes; Mr. Lucian Chas Lowndes, each of Baltimore; Mr. James Lowndes Phippen, and you will James Lowndes Phippen, Jr., from Philadelphia; Skip Annie Phippen, Mrs. Walter Percival Glinn, off Richmond, Va.; Mr. George C. Barnes, Miss Alice Barnes, and you may Skip Ada Barnes.

He then turned an excellent Presbyterian finally their family relations turned into Episcopalian, where faith their descendants remain

The genealogical graph preserved contained in this part of your own Lowndes household members is really as pursue: Hugh Lowndes passed away during the jail into the The united kingdomt through the Quaker persecution. He had four sons, among who is actually James Lowndes. James Lowndes hitched along with next people: (1) Joes Lowndes (3) Hannah Lowndes (4) Susannah Lowndes (5) Rebecca Lowndes and you will (6) Mary Lowndes.

The Gambles are connected with the new Preston, Cabell, Breckenridge, Wyckham, Lee, Brattan, Cary, and you will Selden groups of brand new Southern area

The youngsters out of Joseph and you will Sarah (Tidemarsh) Lowndes was: (1) Annie Lowndes (2) John Lowndes (3) Susannah Lowndes (4) Joseph Lowndes (5) Sarah Lowndes (6) Hannah Lowndes (7) William Lowndes (8) Rebecca Lowndes (9) James Lowndes whom hitched Sarah Pancoast (10) Mary Lowndes and you can (11) Jane Lowndes.

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