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Xpedition Archery is excited to introduce the industry to a new standard in vertical bow technology, performance, and efficiency for the 2021 model year!

The X Series bows have been in development for the past two years and feature three new patent pending technologies:

A proprietary material known as X-Loy by Magnite – A blend of alloys, infused with carbon, to make a bow that is lighter than many of the carbon bows on the market and stronger than aluminum.  This material is forged, and CNC machined to create the best of all worlds – light, strong, and streamlined.

LVR (Lever) cam – The LVR cam redefines the levels of efficiency ever achieved in the archery world. This design will allow archers to push kinetic energy and momentum to unprecedented levels.

ETS (Energy Transfer System)- The ETS enhances the cable system dynamics which are featured on the X Series lineup.  Xpedition Archery’s new ETS system increases performance and efficiency by pre-loading the cables and limiting the movement of the cables.

The X Series bows deliver an incredibly lightweight product with devastating performance.  Xperience Perfection is the perfect tagline for this lineup of hard-hitting bows.

IBO 332-334 fps
Weight 3.9 lbs
Axle-to-Axle 37.5″ +/- .250″
Brace Height 7.5″ +/- .125″
Draw Weight 50, 60, 65, 70
Draw Lengths Lever: 29.5”-34” or Mini Lever: 25”-29”
Draw Length Adjustment Modular (.5” Incr.) *No bow press required
Let Off 80% Adj.
Standard Riser Finishes Patriot Red, Nuclear Green, Lights Out Black, Renegade Purple, Liberty White, Valor Blue
(Hunting Colors also available)
MSRP $1,499
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