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The Anodized Spur By WoodHaven New 2019


Realism, Realism, Realism…..this is the key in every call we design.   The new “Anodized SPUR” pot call has all the great attributes of a great friction call our customers have come to expect from WoodHaven.  The “Anodized SPUR” is built with a Maple pot with a treated black anodized aluminum surface which is extremely user friendly. This “Anodized SPUR” is designed to call soft, but also has the ability to get extremely loud.  The “Anodized SPUR” has the ability to produce high-pitched yelps and cutts to really reach out and cover a lot of ground when calling. The “Anodized SPUR” comes with a walnut striker as well as our hickory striker.  The new “Anodized SPUR” is a killer call! If you’re looking for a new pot call, check out the “Anodized SPUR” and you will soon realize why we’re so excited about this new call.  It is Realism UnLeashed!

Complete with 2 matched strikers, a surface saver lid, and conditioning kit.

SKU: Wh059


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