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Classic Deer Grunt™


With more than 20 years of development, testing and hunting with this call, WoodHaven Custom Calls is proud to offer the Classic Deer Grunt. The Classic is designed to be easy to use and requires very little air to operate. With the Classic Grunt you can produce a wide range of calls, varying from whisper soft to very loud. The laminated wood is hand turned into a strong, weather proof, and beautiful barrel to give a warm quality of sound. The tone quality is unsurpassed by any other grunt available to­day! This call has an adjustable “tone”band (o-ring) on the reed assembly inside the barrel which allows you to change the call from deep mature bucks, to medium, and even the bleat of a young deer. With the Classic Grunt you will master these calls with very little practice. Careful hands on construction, assembly, and tuning insures each call to be awesome!

Getting the deer in close and looking for you can be accomplished with the grunt. The grunt is widely known to be a vocalization of deer. When used properly this grunt will help you call deer. Now the WoodHaven Clas­sic grunt call comes with our all New Inflexor Tube which allows for easier and more dynamic sound control. It can be as valuable as your gun, bow or camera. Patent pending.

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