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New Nohrian armed forces is at some point beaten because of the Corrin in addition to their sisters, and generally are afterwards forced to make sanctuary

Cursing Corrin to possess abandoning brand new siblings exactly who like him or her really, he then suggests an effective grudge he enjoys nursed against her or him for a long time for having usurped this new like and you may interest away from Xander and you will Camilla

In the event that Corrin decides to side that have Hoshido, Leo have a tendency to help his sisters when you look at the an eager quote so you can beat this new Hoshidans and you may force Corrin to return so you can Nohr.

Leo 2nd seems at the end of Chapter nine, following conclusion from a fight one to holidays out ranging from Corrin's army and you can Zola. Because the Zola attempts to flee off Corrin's armed forces, he or she is stopped inside the tunes by the an entanglement out of trees summoned of the Leo's casting out of Brynhildr. Despite Zola's pleas, Leo attempts to execute your to be a pity in order to Nohr. Corrin swiftly intervenes, only to end up being welcomed of the Leo's hurtful outburst of these are a good traitor and they enjoys zero directly to manage their steps. The guy after alter their mind and you can renders immediately following caution Corrin you to definitely he'll in the course of time discipline them for their work from treason.

Leo later on looks before Corrin's military after Part 13 during the Cheve, adopting the completion from a battle waged between your Chevois rebels together with Nohrian border guards. On entering the scene, he periods Corrin as he catches eyes of these speaking with Camilla, believing that he is in the middle of brainwashing this lady. Even though Camilla tries to encourage Leo away from Corrin's righteousness, the guy adamantly refuses to tune in to this lady, insisting that they are a good liar trying to key her. Then he closes during the to the Corrin, in order to become intercepted because of the a break the rules General and then arrival out-of a team of Wyvern Riders provided by the Scarlet. Amazed at the spike about resistance's power and you may recognizing the fresh new Nohrian's armed forces inability to combat straight back on account of Camilla's injuries, Leo situations your order so you can retreat, however, warns Corrin he is maybe not done with her or him yet ,.

Leo seems once again in the Section 18, where he impedes brand new advances off Corrin's army as they take to to pass the new Woods of your Forlorn. Prior to lookin in advance of Corrin's armed forces, he summons an excellent horde off Faceless to help you acceptance them, and while he or she is in the course of a frenzied distress, the guy exists in the dark for the horseback. Then he uses Brynhildr to result in brand new break out away from a tiny quake that creates the surrounding gravestones so you're able to crumble, whereupon he announces his dedicated to performing new Nohrian legislation from carrying out traitors. On noticing one to Corrin was unaffected because of the landscapes, Leo reviews you to its exposure to Nohr wasn't slash, thereafter with this since an effective crutch in order to validate the fact that he's generated unsuitable solutions in choosing Hoshido more than Nohr. Declining to answer Corrin's disbelief at their hatred of them, Leo timely initiates his assault.

Renouncing his familial fascination with Corrin and you can declaring their intention so you're able to destroy her or him, Leo following watches inside fulfillment just like the putrid seas of one's swampy terrain begin to take its toll on the armed forces

Even with their ideal services, Leo is actually sooner outdone in the battle. When advised in order to stop by Corrin, Leo eyelashes aside on him or her, declining to help you suffer the newest embarrassment from divesting Nohrian prices because of the bowing down to Hoshido. Then leers within its naivety, bluntly saying that Hoshido was impure and won't think twice to slay her or him if the performing this experts her or him. Corrin warns Leo one to Garon is actually aggravated having electricity and should getting eliminated, and you can Corrin situations the blade at the your for the fury, a work that triggers Leo to react from the goading them on the destroying him. Whenever Corrin helps make zero disperse, Leo intensifies his goading, harmful so you can attack them once they continue doing little. Corrin staunchly does not want to comply with Leo, and if he exclaims his disbelief at their doubt, it mirror their sentiment and you will inquiries as to the reasons he's got chosen maybe not to assault her or him. This causes Leo to fall towards silence, prompting Corrin to explain one to due to his form cardiovascular system and their familial bond, he has therefore chose to not ever bring any step. Even after initially trying to quiet Corrin, Leo sooner or later admits the situation of Corrin's terms and conditions prior to apologizing so you can her or him to possess sleeping about their hatred in their eyes. Corrin then seizes up on the opportunity to need your to become listed on its trigger, only for your to help you ily, inculding Garon. Azura procedures pass up until now and entrusts an amazingly baseball to the their palms, softly inquiring he rethinks his decision just after looking into their depths. Accepting their since the an old little princess of Nohr, he asks once they bear one bloodstream relationships, simply for their to keep up a great cryptic stance and you can again need him to get the responses he aims throughout the amazingly basketball. Leo afterwards warns Corrin to the fact that Xander was very strong, recommending that they seek new Rainbow Sage in the Notre Sagesse to get the power wanted to fend against your. Then gives them a warp tome to hold him or her physically so you're able to Notre Sagesse just before separating implies using them.

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