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The latest feathers off each other sexes will often slip over the chicken's vision and you may decelerate their vision

Birds that look including Polish chickens are available in drawings by the Dutch and you will Italian writers and singers as far back as the 1400s and you can by way of the 1500-1700s. They certainly were along with stated inside the literature of the identical period. Yet not, the specific background is actually not familiar. You are able that their forefathers concerned Main and you can East European countries which have Far eastern Mongols around Years, so they possess came from Poland.

Other poultry historians accept that Shine birds was indeed delivered from The country of spain to help you The netherlands when the Spaniards filled the fresh new lowlands on late sixteen th century. In either case, borrowing is offered on the Dutch fanciers of one's 18th century to have polishing along with activities and development the fresh new crests out of Gloss birds.

The fresh crest try supported by a great bony prominence on the head

The latest bird might have been understood because of the individuals labels together with “Poland”, “Tophat” and you will Paduan. (more…)

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